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Fitness Friday: Ouch – Charley Horse!

Posted Jan 16 2015 in , ,

This morning I was relaxing in a recliner when my calf muscle just started to spasm. I really hate charley horses. They are painful, and even after stretching them out they tend to linger. A charley horse is really just a muscle spasm. I get them occasionally. Usually in bed or when I’m relaxing. What […]

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Fitness Friday: One Step at a Time

Posted Dec 19 2014 in , , , ,

I tend to be an all-or-nothing personality. I’m either awesome or an utter failure. That trait is great when I’m awesome; not so great when I turn into a turtle and hid in my shell. The last few years I’ve been pretty good at exercising, but when I have a book due or things get […]

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Fitness Friday: It’s All About the Shoes!

Posted Dec 12 2014 in , ,

I was working out on Tuesday and my feet started killing me right in the middle of my workout. The reason: my shoes. I supinate a bit, so I really need shoes that support. Last week I knew that I was finding it more difficult to keep my heel down during my wide squats. I […]

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Fitness Friday: It’s All About the Feet!

Posted Nov 21 2014 in , , , , ,

The worst thing about working out: it actually does help stress; it does make you stronger; it does give you a sense of wellbeing… and for every week you miss, it seems to take months to get back to where you were. I hate it! Except that it truly does do everything advertised. Why couldn’t […]

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