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12 Steps to Making a Good Book Great.
Every great book has some key elements which contribute to its success. Using practical examples, this workshop breaks down twelve of the most important elements of great fiction, from a powerful story question to point of view to theme.

Arc of the Scene: A Practical Guide to Linking Character, Emotion and Plot. Plotters and Pantsters unite in this workshop by Golden Heart Finalists Robin Perini and Sherri Buerkle, where they take you step by step into the nitty gritty of your story and show you how to wield the power of the scene and its arc to where character, emotion and plot intertwine with motivation, and emotion-rich drama.

Braiding Character and Structure.
Character and structure should be so interwoven that it should be difficult to separate them.  In this hands-on and interactive workshop, Discovering Story Magic Speaker and multi-Golden Heart Finalist Robin Perini along with Golden Heart Finalist Sherri Buerkle, and Signet Author & Golden Heart Finalist Louise Bergin, will provide practical tools and suggestions of how both plot-by-the-seat-of-their-pants writers (“pantsers”) as well as the methodical outliners (“planners”) can approach this difficult skill to take their writing and their stories to the next level.

Creating Your Story’s Backbone: Unleashing the Unexpected Power of Turning Points in Plots and Subplots.
In this dynamic and practical, hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to wield the power of turning points–not as just a plotting tool to create an anchor for your book, but also to intertwine character, conflict and plot, to generate story arcs, to layer theme into the manuscript and to ratchet up the intensity of your plot and your subplots so that the drama never stops, and sagging middles are a thing of the past.

Discovering Story Magic.
In this perennial, standing-room only workshop Robin will use a new movie to introduce participants to a tried-and-true 3-step technique (character grid, turning points, and the story board) for developing characters and braiding character and conflict with plot to create a story they can’t refuse. For further details, visit

I Stayed Up Until Four AM: Creating and Maintaining Suspense.
As writers we want to grab our readers on the first page and never let them go. Suspense is the key, and it’s not just for mysteries and thrillers. Every fiction novel lives and breathes suspense. In this hands-on, practical workshop, award-winning, international bestselling author, Robin Perini, will show you how to ramp up the tension in your story through character, conflict, plot, scene and sequel, turning points, word choice, arcs and much, much more. Learn the skills from the high level down to the sentence level that she mastered in her own novels which Publishers Weekly call “refresh[ing] romantic suspense” and RT Book Review calls “edge-of-the-seat, gripping suspense … with memorable and scarred characters who readers care about.”

The Inside Scoop: Analyzing Openings as an Agent, Bookseller, and Reader then Solving the Problems as a Writer.
You’ve been inside the editor’s mind, and experienced RWA Idol–now submit your first scene and a short synopsis for analysis from literary agent assistant, bookseller, and three-time GH finalist, Claire Cavanaugh, and four-time GH finalist and perennial RWA conference favorite, Robin Perini, to diagnose strengths and weaknesses, and propel your writing to a higher level.

Layering Complexity, Texture and Theme Using Subplots, Secondary Characters and Villains.
In this popular workshop, attendees will learn practical techniques to take maximum advantage of subplots, secondary characters and villains to emphasize the theme of the book, up the emotional punch, and create a story with heart and substance.

Peeling Off the Layers: Character vs. Characterization.
Using practical and hands-on exploration of the relationship between character, story and novel structure, this intermediate/advanced workshop analyzes the concepts of characterization and character and how the differences between the two can be used as story-building tools to inject conflict, contrast, layering and story arcs.

The Secret to Powerful Writing: Activate, Activate, Activate.
Learn the techniques of active writing that will teach you how to “show” your story instead of simply “telling” it. Find out how in this practical, hands-on workshop. Learn the skills that turned Robin Perini’s contest winners to RT Top Pick and Seal of Excellence nominated fiction that Publishers Weekly calls “refresh(ing) romantic suspense” and RT Book Reviews calls “riveting … and remarkable.”

Prioritizing Life, Setting Goals and Time Management.
Starting with a life-altering analysis of each participant’s priorities, this interactive, hands-on workshop looks at practical steps to regaining control of your life in this busy world using prioritization, long-and short-range goal setting and time management.

Ready, Set, Go!: Creating a Compelling Beginning to your Novel
You have three paragraphs to hook your reader, but a great hook is just the start of a great beginning. You also need a great first scene. In this practical, hands-on workshop, International Bestselling Author and RITA Finalist Robin Perini will discuss the key elements that make up a compelling opening. She’ll cover introducing backstory in an interesting way, setting the tone, creating drama, the structure of that first scene, word choice and much much more.

Revision: Micro- and Macro-Managing Your Manuscript for Minor Revisions and Major Surgery.
This hands-on, practical workshop offers a variety of methods for attacking one of the most important aspects of writing–REVISION–by breaking it down into the core elements and then restructuring it so that you’ve layered character, conflict and plot into every scene and anchored your entire book with a cohesive theme.

Writing Craft Potpourri.
From a varied list of craft topics, ranging from character to plot to theme and everything in between, attendees will define the scope of this workshop and pick Robin Perini’s writer’s brain.

The Writer’s Treasure Chest: 12 Tools for Spinning Straw into Gold
Every great book has some key elements which contribute to its success. Using practical examples for creating a magical story, this workshop breaks down twelve of the most important elements of great fiction, from identifying each writer’s vision to depth of character to wielding the power of theme.


Cost: $300 honorarium.
Conference and online class honorarium negotiable.
Travel expenses paid.
A/V negotiable, but typically at least a white board or flip-chart and appropriate markers.

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