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#1 Memory Challenge – Sample Videos and Posts

Posted Sep 29 2017

The #1 Memory Challenge is easy! It’s 3 steps! 1) Record a memory through a video, photo and/or writing a story and post it on social media. 2) Challenge 2-5 others to share a memory and tag them. 3) Give them 24 hours to accomplish the challenge or to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association (or […]

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#1 Memory Challenge – How to Upload a Video to FB from iPhone/IPad

Posted Sep 29 2017

Some folks have asked me how to upload a video to FB for the #1MemoryChallenge, so I thought I’d offer this quick tutorial. I hope it helps! Once you have created a video, go to where the videos are stored (on IOS it’s in the Photos app). Click on the video. Then choose the Share button […]

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#1 Memory Challenge – You Are Not Alone!

Posted Jun 30 2016

My name is Robin Perini and my mother is in the final stage of Alzheimer’s Disease. Through this difficult journey, I have learned how very valuable our memories are. Please consider joining me in the #1MemoryChallenge to: 1) Encourage sharing of memories with others before they are lost 2) Increase awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease, those […]

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