Fitness Friday: It’s All About the Shoes!

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Depositphotos_56847067_xsI was working out on Tuesday and my feet started killing me right in the middle of my workout. The reason: my shoes.

I supinate a bit, so I really need shoes that support. Last week I knew that I was finding it more difficult to keep my heel down during my wide squats. I thought to myself, it’s about time for new shoes.

But instead of buying shoes last weekend, I baked Christmas goodies. Great for the family smiles, not so great for my feet. Because on Tuesday evening, my shoes bit the dust. It seemed like in one day, I killed my shoes. I should know better. I need new workout shoes about every 4-5 months. It’s been almost six since I bought new ones. Some people can go longer. I can’t. I’ve heard every six months is a good starting point, but like anything else, you have to do what’s right for you. Nothing can make a workout harder than shoes that don’t fit or don’t give you the support you need. I’ve learned the hard way. Invest in a good pair of shoes…and if you find a pair that really works, invest in two pairs. Sometimes shoe companies discontinue the shoe that really works for you, and its replacement doesn’t always fit. 

So, tomorrow I’m off to find some new shoes before my feet yell at me again. And if you’re resisting working out…one reason might be your shoes. Believe me, your feet will thank you! So, what’s your fave workout clothes or equipment. I’d love to know!

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