Monday Memories: What I Wish I’d Stuck With

Posted at Jan 19, 2015 2:54 pm in , ,

Looking back, there are a few things I wish I’d have done differently. I’m relatively certain most people feel that way. What’s one of mine? The piano. I took piano lessons for several years. We moved a lot, so I changed teachers. I progressed. But in order to play a new song, I had to […]


Monday Memories: My Milwaukee Brace

Posted at Jan 12, 2015 3:27 pm in , ,

Most people (except those I went to school with) don’t know it, but from the time I was twelve until I was a sophomore in high school, I wore a Milwaukee Brace for scoliosis. My spine was curved, and the lower curve was about 30 degrees. The upper curve around 20 degrees. A school screening […]

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Monday Memories: My Inspiration

Posted at Jan 5, 2015 2:23 pm in , ,

Everyone has an inspiration. I could name so many over the years, but my first inspiration was my great aunt. Her name was Lillian Bailey. We called her Aunt Daddee (pronounced Day-Dee, though I’m not quite sure if it’s spelled Daddee or Dadee).  She was a writer. She entered tons of jingle contests and won […]

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Monday Memories: Christmas Love

Posted at Dec 22, 2014 5:05 am in , , , ,

My mother made Christmas beautiful and special. Not because of the beautiful table she set with her wedding china, or the candles or the presents under the tree. But because each decoration, every gift, every special touch was touched by love. Perhaps my favorite Christmas item is our Christmas stockings. My mom made them sometime soon after […]

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Monday Memories: Secret Ingredients

Posted at Dec 15, 2014 3:13 pm in , , ,

Old family recipes are the best. I remember my Grandpa’s Rigatoni sauce, my Nonnie’s chocolate cake recipe and a few others. But since it’s the holidays, I have to mention our family Christmas Cookie recipe. I remember my mom pulling out an old cookbook, it’s pages slightly stained with vanilla, and turning to a page with […]


Monday Memories: My First Books

Posted at Dec 8, 2014 2:54 pm in , , , ,

Someone asked me the other day why I started reading? Really, it was my parents. I remember going to the public library each week with my mom to pick out new books. I loved to read. I loved the stories. I loved losing myself in them. For me a couple of series stand out. One […]

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Monday Memories: The Ants Go Marching

Posted at Dec 1, 2014 2:38 pm in , , , , ,

The garage clean-up continues at my house. What a mess. But with each box, new memories surface. I was a lucky kid. I had parents who loved me, an irritating younger brother (who I adored) and a slew of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I know those childhood memories have influenced my writing. Small little […]

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Monday Memories: What I am Thankful For

Posted at Nov 17, 2014 11:16 am in , , , , ,

My friends. I have the best friends in the world. They support me, carry me when I’m falling and celebrate when wonderful things happen. They even kick me in the hind end when I need it. Thank you, my friends. I love you! My family. I have a wonderful family who inspire me daily. In […]

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