Wacky Weekend: Office Evolution Part 2

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So, I spent more time in my office closet this weekend. I’ve been in my home for about ten years now. When I moved in we put a ton of stuff into my office closet, but now I’m cleaning it out. New Year’s Cleaning instead of Spring Cleaning you might call it.

I found this:



Anybody out there know what it is? For those who don’t…it’s an electric typewriter. Pretty cool for its time. You could switch out a font wheel and have italics, if I remember correctly. But mostly, it had a CORRECT button. That meant no corrector paper or white out! YAY!

For those too young to remember, when you wrote a paper on this, you couldn’t go back and revise unless the word you wanted to fix was the same number of letters as the word you mistakenly wrote. I composed 20-page and 30-page school and college papers on this wonderful beauty. I even started my very first book on it. I wrote quite a few pages. None to see the light of day, of course.

It works. It’s in great condition. A few scratches exist on the case that covers the keyboard, but that’s it. 

What do I do with it? Toss it? Send it to a museum? Let it gather another ten years of dust? I don’t even use it to fill out forms or address envelopes anymore. Sigh. I don’t even think Good Will would want it.

What do you do with the obsolete when it still works?


Hopefully people don’t fall into that category..because I’m getting close, I’m afraid!

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