Techno Thursday: Magazine vs. Clip

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As most of you know, I write romantic suspense. That means my heroes and/or my heroines know a thing or two about guns. Luckily, my dad is a competitive silhouette shooter (shooting at small metal targets).  He taught me to shoot and about weapons.

One of my pet peeves is the incorrect usage of a magazine or a clip. The terms are used incorrectly on television shows, in the movies, and on the news. Here’s the difference:

“A magazine holds shells under spring pressure in preparation for feeding into the firearm’s chamber. Examples include box, tubular, drum and rotary magazines. Some are fixed to the firearm while others are removable…Clips hold cartridges in the correct sequence for “charging” a specific firearm’s magazine…In essence, clips feed magazines. Magazines feed firearms.” Read more:

I pulled this illustrative picture from this website, Hope this illuminates a bit. clip-vs-mag

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