Tuesday Tunes: A Hero Comes Along

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Some days I wonder if heroes exist anymore. I’m an optimist at heart, but sometimes I look around and have to wonder…where have all the heroes gone? I’m not talking about celebrities or sports figures or the rich and famous. I mean the person who sacrifices without expectation. The man or woman who does the right thing…because it’s the right thing. The person who doesn’t look for an angle. 

Where have all the heroes gone?

And I realize they are right in front of us. It’s the man who takes care of his wife with Alzheimer’s disease; it’s the fireman who rushes into a building; it’s the soldier who faces danger; it’s the cop who puts his life on the line every day; it’s the teacher who leads her students down the first steps to reading.

They may not receive the glory, but they are the ones who take my cup from half-empty to half-full. 

I pray every day that I can be them when faced with a challenge. 

In honor of them, here’s one of my favorite songs about heroes! Because the heroes and heroines I write about discover the hero within.

Who are your heroes? I’d love to know!

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