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RWA 2014 Confernce LogoWhat an amazing time at the Romance Writers of America® National Conference this year. I was so honored that I was asked to do a workshop with my dear friend and supremely talented writer, Claire Cavanaugh. Our topic was The Secret to Powerful Writing – Activate, Activate, Activate. The workshop was scheduled from 4:30-5:30 and I didn’t really expect that many people to attend – so many events on Thursday night – but we had a full house. Actually beyond full. Not only were all the chairs taken, but some true stalwart writers sat in the floor at the front, at the back, in the aisle, and even outside the door. I was blown away by all the fantastic questions, eagerness and talent. Several writers read passages they wrote on the fly that were absolutely fabulous. So much talent!!! Awesome!!!

I *promised* the attendees that I would provide them the handout and presentation, so here it is, guys! (a bit late…sorry about that). Thanks for being there (or for asking about the handouts) 

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The Secret to Powerful Writing: Activate, Activate, Activate (CRAFT) 

Speakers: Claire Cavanaugh and Robin Perini

Learn the techniques of active writing that will teach you how to “show” your story instead of simply “telling” it. Find out how in this practical, hands-on workshop. Learn the skills that turned Robin Perini’s contest winners to RT Top Pick and Seal of Excellence nominated fiction that Publishers Weekly calls “refresh(ing) romantic suspense” and RT Book Reviews calls “riveting … and remarkable.”

Handout – SecretToPowerfulWriting_HO_RWA_Final

Presentation (ppt) – PowerfulWriting

Presentation (pdf) – PowerfulWriting 

I hope you enjoy. And, as always, if you have any questions, just contact me, via the connect page on the website!

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  1. L A Long says:

    Your power point presentation was my most valuable take-away from the 2014 RWA Conference. Thanks so much for posting it on your site.

    1. Robin Perini says:

      Thanks SO much!!! That means the world to me. I really appreciate it!

  2. Robin Perini says:

    Thank you SO much! This made my day 🙂

  3. Melisa Todd says:

    Robin – so I wasn’t lucky enough to go to RWA last year, but I bought the recording and listened to your class the other day. Can I just say wow!! I’m totally jazzed and love the idea of SPICED. I’m doing rough draft sprints right now where I have two 50k rough drafts done (in two months no less), and working on a third for a slightly longer book then I’m going to circle back and flesh them out and get them SPICED up. I can’t tell you how much I love the idea, and I’m almost looking forward to editing.

    Thank you for this class and the awesome PDF!

    1. Robin Perini says:

      Hi Melisa! I’m SO gratified that you enjoyed the class. I hope your revisions go wonderfully! THANK YOU!!! Happy Writing!

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