San Francisco Writers Conference – A Great Experience

Posted at Mar 2, 2014 7:17 pm

I travelled to the amazing city of San Francisco the weekend after Valentine’s Day to the fantastic San Francisco Writers Conference. Writers conferences offer a tremendous opportunity to connect with other writers, to learn from the very best speakers around, and to really rejuvenate the creative spirit. I met some amazing people, had a wonderful conversation with my fantastic agent, Jill Marsal (who was my rockin’ co-speaker!), plotted with my amazing teaching cohort and beta reader, Claire Cavanaugh, and in general had a wonderful time. I want to thank Michael Larsen, Elizabeth Pomada, Laurie McLean and the wonderful staff and volunteers for making the event so nice.

I also want to send a shout-out to the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins hotel. The staff was friendly and efficient, and I really appreciated them.

I gave three workshops throughout the weekend, and since they were standing room only, several attendees were unable to get the handouts. So, as promised, guys, here are the handouts for the hour-long workshops and the presentations. I hope you enjoy. Send me an email through the website if you have questions. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Discovering Story Magic: Nitty Gritty Writing Techniques

(Robin Perini and Claire Cavanaugh) (1 hour)

Secrets of Selling: Writing Techniques that Matter

(Robin Perini and Jill Marsal)

I hope you enjoy!


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