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Character Name: Jenna Walters


Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Mission: Out of options to protect her son, she must find a place to start over where her husband can never find them.

Trouble: Jenna has only one problem with her fairy tale life. She just discovered her husband kills people for a living.

Skill/Weapon of Choice: Knows how to hot wire a car and pick a pocket. Can tell when Zach's lying.

Weakness: Zach Montgomery plays a superhero in the movies, but he carries too many of his own secrets. She’s been burned once. Can she trust this pretend hero with her life? Not to mention the life of her son?

Favorite Thing:


 “One of the bugs is in pieces. I’m telling you, he knows. I’ve got to get out of here. Now. I don’t know why he hasn’t already killed me. Probably because he couldn’t find a babysitter on such short notice.”


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