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Character Name: Gabe Montgomery

Height: 6'3"

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Mission: Determined to bring down the corrupt sheriff with ties to organized crime, Gabe goes deep undercover.

Trouble: Gabe can't forget the past--or his father's betrayal. But will clinging to the past cost him more than he ever imagined?

Skill/Weapon of Choice: More intuitive than he knows/Glock

Weakness: Family always comes first--and Gabe will do anything to protect them.

Favorite Thing: Watching Deb Lansing enjoy a hot dog in his bar--right after she gives as good as she gets with her Search and Rescue colleagues.


"Hey, don't let my he-man sex appeal fool you. I can play Barbies and tea party with the best of them."


In Her Sights, book 1
Behind the Lies, book 2
Game of Fear, book 3

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