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Character Name: Hunter Graham


Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Mission: A black ops warrior who lives in the shadows, Hunter Graham is on the most important mission of his lifeó to save the woman he canít forget and the child he has never met. Can he find a way to protect the family he always wanted but can never have?

Trouble: After an operation gone wrong, he met brilliant scientist, Erin Jamison. They shared a week of passion before he vanished back into his secret life. Now Erin and their son are the targets of a terrorist plot.

Skill/Weapon of Choice: To save the family he never knew he wanted, Hunter must come out of hiding. He’ll do anything to keep Erin and his son safe—including kidnapping them.

Weakness: His love for Erin and Brandon.

Favorite Thing:


They could be used against him. He couldn’t risk putting her, their child or his team in danger. His heart hadn’t shattered into a million shards when he made the toughest decision of his life. It had been sucked into a black hole, where no feelings escaped.


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