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Character Name: Amanda Hawthorne


Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Auburn

Mission: Determined to protect her son from a murderer, and out of options, she must seek help from the disgraced cop who her brother framed.

Trouble: Amanda's son can identify his uncle's killer. Now the five-year-old witness is the next target.

Skill/Weapon of Choice: Can jimmy a lock and hotwire a car.

Weakness: Blake Redmond was an honorable, by-the-book sheriff. How can Amanda ask him to break the law and go against his code. How can she resist the man whose every heroic action steals a piece of her heart?

Favorite Thing:


Amanda searched her purse for the gun. Holding the weapon firmly, she shrank down even more and gripped the butt hard. Her fingers shook. Please, let her live. Let her keep Ethan safe.


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