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Walk to End Alzheimer’s Is Here (Albquerque, NM)

IMG_0322September 26 is the day of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. I’m walking in honor of my mother, Karen Perini, and in honor
of my father, whose love and devotion of her epitomizes the very definition of hero.

I have a great team who has agreed to take part with me. Here’s the Team Perini Page. 

I’ll be hanging out in Albuquerque with a purple pony tail and a balloon.

Here’s the route. (Direct Link to Print). If you want to come out and cheer us on. You’re welcome. 

Alzheimer's Map

There’s still time to donate if you’re interested. I will tell you that the Alzheimer’s Association has been a God-send to me and my family. I highly recommend this organization if you’re facing dementia or if you have a loved one with demential. To donate, click on Dale Perini’s Walk Page.

Bless all of you who are patients, caregivers and loved ones. This is a difficult journey, but we are not alone.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s!! – Get Involved! Please!

Dear Friends and Family,

This isn’t my usual type of post, but I wanted to share something with my wonderful reader and writer family! One of the reasons you haven’t seen a book from me, and won’t for a bit longer (though I’m working on Rafe’s story from the Carder Texas books), is that I have been helping take care of my mother, who has Alzheimer’s. I thought I’d let you know, but also ask for the support from you wonderful readers.

11206572_10205466894345998_2557114747271998682_oI’m joining the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s® on 09/26/2015. I’ve committed to raising awareness and funds to support Alzheimer’s care, support and research, and of course, in honor of my mother. I need your help. Together, we can become an unstoppable force against Alzheimer’s disease. You can help in three ways:
1. Join me in the fight against Alzheimer’s by walking with me
2. Help me reach my goal by making a donation to my fundraising page.
3. Join a walk in another location, or even start a team!

The Alzheimer’s Association has helped my family so much throughout our journey. I can’t begin to tell you what their classes, their support groups, and just their resources have meant to our family. The research–well, that goes without saying. I hope to make a big contribution in the fight against Alzheimer’s by reaching my team fundraising goal of $2,500.00, and I’d be so grateful if you would join or sponsor me. Your support of Walk to End Alzheimer’s will help the Alzheimer’s Association to enhance Alzheimer’s care and support and advance critical research for all those affected by this devastating disease.

We all have a reason to end Alzheimer’s. Please visit my fundraising Web page to sign up or to donate today.

Hugs to all of you…and please, if you are so moved, pass this post and link on!

Happy reading everyone and I’m working on my new books as fast as I can!!


Creating your Story’s Backbone at Esther Bone Memorial Library

On January 16, 2016 from 1 PM – 3 PM, Robin will be giving her standing-room-only workshop, The Power of Turning Points at Esther Bone Memorial Library.

Registration is required. Anyone age 16 and older can sign up at from within Calendar of Events, or call 891-5012, ext. 3128 or stop by the library information desk. This workshop is sponsored by the Friends of the Library. There will be some giveaways and a free book or two as well as a fun workshop. If you’re in Albuquerque, New Mexico, why not come on by!

In this dynamic and practical, hands-on workshop, attendees will learn how to wield the power of turning points–not as just a plotting tool to create an anchor for your book, but also to intertwine character, conflict and plot, to generate story arcs, to layer theme into the manuscript and to ratchet up the intensity of your plot and your subplots so that the drama never stops, and sagging middles are a thing of the past.

I Stayed Up Until Four AM at SWW

On October 3, 2015, Robin will be giving a brand new workshop, I Stayed Up Until Four AM: Creating and Maintaining Suspense at Southwest Writers Workshop

Here’s the low-down.

As writers we want to grab our readers on the first page and never let them go. Suspense is the key, and it’s not just for mysteries and thrillers. Every fiction novel lives and breathes suspense. In this hands-on, practical workshop, award-winning, international bestselling author, Robin Perini, will show you how to ramp up the tension in your story through character, conflict, plot, turning points, subplots, word choice, arcs and much, much more. Learn the skills she mastered in her own novels which Publishers Weekly call “refresh[ing] romantic suspense” and RT Book Review calls “edge-of-the-seat, gripping suspense … with memorable and scarred characters who readers care about.”

Ready, Set, Go! at LERA

October 10, 2015 Robin will be giving a new workshop, Ready, Set, Go!: Creating a Compelling Beginning to your Novel at the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors.

Here’s the low-down.

You have three paragraphs to hook your reader, but a great hook is just the start of a great beginning. You also need a great first scene. In this practical, hands-on workshop, International Bestselling Author and RITA Finalist Robin Perini will discuss the key elements that make up a compelling opening. She’ll cover introducing backstory in an interesting way, setting the tone, creating drama, the structure of that first scene, word choice and much much more.

In addition, you’ll be provided an opportunity for direct feedback from his award-winning author. Submit your anonymous first three pages (double-spaced and no more than 750 words—and no names please) for Robin’s analysis. She’ll diagnose strengths and weaknesses and give advice to propel your writing to a higher level. (Please submit no later than 9/30/2015. Note: All submissions will receive comments, but not all will be included in the presentation).

This is a great opportunity to learn the skills that turned Robin Perini’s unpublished manuscripts into RT Top Pick and Seal of Excellence nominated fiction that Publishers Weekly calls “refresh(ing) romantic suspense” and RT Book Reviews calls “riveting … and remarkable.”

The Carolyn Readers Choice Award – Nomination

SecretObsessionGameofFearGame of Fear and Secret Obsession have been named finalists in The Carolyn Readers Choice Award for 2015.

The Carolyn Award was created in 2013 to honor Carolyn Williamson, a founding member of the North Texas chapter of RWA. She has served the chapter in almost every capacity and is one of the earliest members of RWA as well.

Samsung Book Deals for April – In Her Sights

Screenshot_2015-04-04-11-34-25During April, if you have a Samsung device and use the ‘Kindle for Samsung’ app, you could download and read In Her Sights for free on the ‘Samsung Book Deals’ (Please note you have to sign in to both Amazon and Samsung to get the free deal).

In Her Sights is one of four books available and you get to choose one book for free. The other 3 other books are offered at a discount. I was so excited to be chosen for this opportunity! If you’re interested in checking out the Kindle for Samsung App (for Android 4.3 +) you can go here while on your Samsung device and click on the ’Samsung Galaxy Apps’ Icon. (Link –

April Facebook Focus – Cowboy in the Crossfire

CowboyintheCrossfireIt’s spring and this month, we’re looking at Robin’s RITA nominated novel, Cowboy in the Crossfire on Robin’s Facebook Fan Page . It’s our first visit to Carder Texas and there’s a lot going on. Meet Sugar the horse, a woman on the run, and a sheriff with his own secrets. 

This month we’ll have contests, giveaways, and much more so check it out!

For even more fun, check out the Goodreads quiz!

Goodreads Quiz
Cowboy in the Crossfire – Are you an expert?
taken 1 time
10 questions

March Facebook Focus – Finding Her Son

Each Month for the next year, we are focusing on one book. March is Finding Her Son. Check out my  Facebook fan page for games, giveaways and more!

Nov 24: Christmas Justice is a Fresh Pick at Fresh Fiction


November 24, 2014

Wow!! Christmas Justice is the Fresh Pick for November 24, 2014. The coolest thing about this is that it’s chosen by a group of readers! THANK YOU READERS!!!



Christmas Justice – Hits Stores Nov 18, 2014


November 18, 2014

Christmas Justice, Robin Perini’s latest Harlequin Intrigue hits bookstores. Then, on December 1, the e-book will be available.

Christmas Justice is another Carder Texas Connections books. You met the mysterious Sheriff Garrett Galloway in The Cradle Conspiracy. Now, Garrett gets his own story. And you won’t believe the secrets that he has…or the CIA analyst who helps him solve the unsolvable.

Don’t miss it!

ctclogo  And don’t miss the other heroes of Carder, Texas.



November 8, 2014 Robin will be giving a new workshop, REVISION RULES!: The Power of Writing is in Your Hands at the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors.

This STANDING ROOM ONLY, hands-on, practical workshop offers a variety of methods for attacking one of the most important aspects of writing–REVISION–by breaking it down into the core elements. From identifying the writer’s core value, to reviewing character, conflict and plot into every scene and anchored your entire book with a cohesive theme and finally getting down to the nitty-gritty techniques of active writing that will teach you how to “show” your story instead of simply “telling” it.

Emerald City Writers Conference – What a Great Time

ECWC_2011_webI am in Seattle, Washington, and the Emerald City Writers Conference has been awesome! Everyone has been absolutely wonderful, friendly and the workshops have been great. I got to visit Amazon Publishing and met with the amazing staff. We talked a lot, and I got a tour, and even left my mark on one of their writable walls :-). I signed books at the book signing, and of course am doing a couple of writing workshops. 

The first workshop had a full house (thanks everyone!!!). It’s one of my favorite workshops (Layering Complexity, Texture and Theme using Subplots, Secondary Characters and Villains). The title alone should reveal why I write novels and not short stories! 

So for all those that stopped me after class and at the book signing…as promised, below are links to the handouts and presentations. 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here or feel free to browse the website and signup for the newsletter here.

Layering Complexity, Texture and Theme Using Subplots, Secondary Characters and Villains

Layering Handout 

Layering Presentation (PowerPoint file)

Lauyering Presentation (PDF)

10 Lessons to Making a Good Book Great

Good Book Great – Handout

Good Book Great_Presentation (PowerPoint file)

Good Book Great (PDF)


Happy Reading and Writing!

P.S. A couple of you asked about the books. Below are the covers and here is a link to my books on Amazon. (12 Shades is the compilation. My novella is called Night of the Jaguar.)

GameofFear SecretObsession 12Shades_medium_promoDG_NightofJaguar_web ChristmasJustice

Fall For Suspense

Robin is taking part in a 30-author giveaway sponsored by Just Romantic Suspense!

12 Shades of Midnight

Twelve Shades of Midnight is coming Fall of 2014.

12 authors…12 unforgettable stories
The stroke of midnight ushers in many things. From hijinks and mischief to danger and evil, romance is the magic that binds these paranormal novellas together. Join 12 bestselling and award-winning authors as they explore the different shades of midnight in exclusive, never-before-released stories.
Darynda Jones – A LOVELY DROP
Dakota Cassidy – WITCHED AT BIRTH
Claire Cavanaugh – MIDNIGHT RENEGADE
Rachel Grant – MIDNIGHT SUN
Trish McCallan- SPIRIT WOODS
Robyn Peterman -SWITCHING HOUR
Ann Voss Peterson – THE SCHOOL
FB page about boxed set is:
More information and special newsletter, sign up at

Book Trailer available for Game of Fear

A new book trailer is now available for Game of Fear on YouTube. Click here to view!

Robin is on Kindle Love Stories

First Blush – Game of Fear by Robin Perini

The Secret to Powerful Writing – Activate, Activate, Activate

RWA 2014 Confernce LogoWhat an amazing time at the Romance Writers of America® National Conference this year. I was so honored that I was asked to do a workshop with my dear friend and supremely talented writer, Claire Cavanaugh. Our topic was The Secret to Powerful Writing – Activate, Activate, Activate. The workshop was scheduled from 4:30-5:30 and I didn’t really expect that many people to attend – so many events on Thursday night – but we had a full house. Actually beyond full. Not only were all the chairs taken, but some true stalwart writers sat in the floor at the front, at the back, in the aisle, and even outside the door. I was blown away by all the fantastic questions, eagerness and talent. Several writers read passages they wrote on the fly that were absolutely fabulous. So much talent!!! Awesome!!!

I *promised* the attendees that I would provide them the handout and presentation, so here it is, guys! (a bit late…sorry about that). Thanks for being there (or for asking about the handouts) 

Oh, if you want to join my mailing list – which is getting revamping based on all the amazing information I learned at this year’s RT, just go to the home page at I’d love to have you. I’m also working on supercharging my Rockin’ Robins Street Team which should be a blast. We’d love to have you. Click here to join!

The Secret to Powerful Writing: Activate, Activate, Activate (CRAFT) 

Speakers: Claire Cavanaugh and Robin Perini

Learn the techniques of active writing that will teach you how to “show” your story instead of simply “telling” it. Find out how in this practical, hands-on workshop. Learn the skills that turned Robin Perini’s contest winners to RT Top Pick and Seal of Excellence nominated fiction that Publishers Weekly calls “refresh(ing) romantic suspense” and RT Book Reviews calls “riveting … and remarkable.”

Handout – SecretToPowerfulWriting_HO_RWA_Final

Presentation (ppt) – PowerfulWriting

Presentation (pdf) – PowerfulWriting 

I hope you enjoy. And, as always, if you have any questions, just contact me, via the connect page on the website!

RT Booklovers Convention – Mardi Gras Magic

RTBadge I spent the week in New Orleans at the amazing RT Booklovers convention. I met SO many amazing readers and writers. What a great time. I’ll try to post about my impressions later. But, more importantly, I did a workshop on Secrets to Selling and Staying Sold and didn’t have enough handouts. I *promised* the attendees that I would provide them the handout and presentation, so here it is, guys! Thanks for coming by. (Oh, if you want to join my mailing list – which will be getting revamping soon based on all the amazing information I learned at this year’s RT, just go to the home page at I’d love to have you.)

Secrets to Selling and Staying Sold: Writing Techniques for Making a Good Book Great

What did Robin Perini learn that took her from ‘almost sold’ to selling 14 books to two publishers in just over two years? Find out how in this practical, hands-on workshop. Learn the skills she mastered that turned her contest winners to RT Top Pick and Seal of Excellence nominated fiction that Publishers Weekly calls “refresh(ing) romantic suspense” and RT Book Reviews calls “riveting … and remarkable.”

Handout – 2014_Perini_RTSellingSecrets

Presentation – SecretstoSelling

Game of Fear Cover Reveal

Robin’s next Montgomery Justice Novel, Game of Fear is being featured on the RT Book Reviews blog with an exclusive cover reveal.

You can pre-order Game of Fear at most retailers. Kindle pre-order is available here.

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